Caran d'Ache Limited Edition Oberalp Rhodium Fountain Pen

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Caran d'Ache Limited Edition Oberalp Rhodium Fountain Pen
Caran D`Ache Limited Edition Oberalp Rhodium Fountain Pen
Caran D`Ache
  • $4,590.00SGD

The Oberalp Limited Edition pays tribute to the Alpine Spirit. Featureing the symbols of Alpine life, the scenery of the Swiss mountain and edelweiss flowers. It is the continuation of the limited edition devoted to "La Rindya" located at the altitude of 2044 meters, the Oberalp Pass links the Rhone and Rhine valleys, is a major communication route between north and south through the Gothard mountains since the start of the 19th century by the famous founder of climing Horace-Benedict de Saussure, a Geneva scientist.A figurative horizontal band of sculpted or painted decoration representing an idyllic Alpine landscape over three sides of the pen's body and the other three sides celebrate the beauty of edelweiss, the symbolic of Switzerland and the Alpine spirit.Engraving on the body was done by hand with black lacquer. The finishes in silver plating and rhodium coated.Limited to 2044 fountain pens with rhodium coated 18 carat gold nib.