Aurora Limited Edition St. Ambiente Tropici Fountain Pen

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Aurora Limited Edition St. Ambiente Tropici Fountain Pen
Aurora Limited Edition St. Ambiente Tropici Fountain Pen
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Following the Mari d’ Italia and Oceani, Aurora has created a new collection called Ambienti. A new sensory experience that involves our senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and writing. A synaesthetic journey into any Ambiente through our senses.

This Collection is the result of great research and deep attention to every single detail of the production process. For each Ambiente, Aurora created an exclusive essence in collaboration with the most antique Italian perfumery maison.
The scents are inspired by the places in the world that we want you to refeel. Aurora carefully selected a textured and breathable paper, the most suitable for retaining the fragrance inside the box as long as possible.

The fourth Ambiente, that means environment, is Tropici. The fountain pen, made with light blue and aquamarine Auroloide, features metallic parts in sterling silver. On the grip zone there's an exclusive engraving who made special the Aurora Ambienti Tropici.
The fountain pen ink inside the box is a brilliant light blue. Let yourself carried away by unique images, fragrance and visual sensations. Take your pen and start your exclusive Ambienti writing experience.