Platinum 3776 Marble Ebonite Fountain Pen

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Platinum 3776 Marble Ebonite Fountain Pen
Platinum 3776 Marble Ebonite Fountain Pen
  • $885.00

This fountain pen uses ebonite material that features a beautiful marble pattern. Ebonite, thought to be the world’s oldest artificial resin, is a hard rubber with natural rubber as its raw material. Due to its heavy feel and heat resistance, almost all fountain pens were made using this material at one time. The Marble Ebonite Fountain Pen does not feature the typical black color of ebonite, but mixes in red ochre and other colors into the rubber material, producing a marble effect somewhat akin to what the surface of Jupiter looks like and thus giving it a retro feel. The distinctive heavy feeling and durability of ebonite coupled with the one-of-a-kind pattern and warm texture for both the pens produce a feeling when writing that cannot be experienced with other materials.