Platinum 3776 Briar Sandblasted Fountain Pen

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Platinum 3776 Briar Sandblasted Fountain Pen
Platinum 3776 Briar Sandblasted Fountain Pen
  • $885.00

The Briar wood is a very special wood, taken from the root of the White Heath tree family known as Erica arborea grown in the Mediterranean coastal regions of Europe. But the briar wood used in this pen has a special surface. The uneven surface of the wood is caused by insects and various microorganisms. There are many insects and microorganisms who harm the roots of the trees but there are also bio-ecological and helpful insects who help to grow the tree. Clumps of the burl from the shrub that are between 25-100 years old (mainly for making pipes) are used for the pens. The material is subjected to a period of sandblasting (shell) before a hard abrasive cleanser is injected at high pressure. When applied to the surface, the relatively soft part of the wood is removed and the grain of the hard part of the wood comes through clearly. It is then wiped with lacquer to tone down the shininess. By doing so, the beauty of the grain begins to stand out with the lacquer increasing the durability of the wood surface.