Platinum Izumo Bamboo Weaving Ankokushoku (Black) Fountain Pen

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Platinum Izumo Bamboo Weaving Ankokushoku (Black) Fountain Pen
Platinum Izumo Bamboo Weaving Ankokushoku (Black) Fountain Pen
  • $1,798.00

The Platinum Izumo Bamboo Weaving Fountain Pen utilizes traditional weaving techniques associated with bamboo craft in Japan to create the cap and barrel of this unique pen. Hand-woven bamboo strips are cut, dyed, and coated in natural urushi lacquer in a painstaking and time-intensive process. The main feature of this bamboo weaving fountain pen is the beautiful decoration of the barrel which is created through a finely woven bamboo. Numerous processes are necessary to make the bamboo strips. After selecting the right bamboo, a boiling process called aburanuki (Aburanuki is the process by which oil is removed from the green bamboo) for making the material durable and luster to the surface. After this follows the three steps; arawari(the bamboo is cut to the appropriate size), habatori(a process of cutting each bamboo strip to even width) and senhiki. Finally the bamboo strips of an even width are used to weave the barrel. The two models of Gozame are dyed and thereafter coated with sabiurushi, while Yokoajiro Torafu is simply coated with urushi over the bamboo strips