Platinum Izumo Hon-Urushi Raden Maki-e Aurora Fountain Pen

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Platinum Izumo Hon-Urushi Raden Maki-e Aurora Fountain Pen
Platinum Izumo Yagumo Nuri Fountain Pen
  • $1,350.00

IZUMO TAISHA(出雲大社)” is a national treasure and one of the most dignified shrine of Shinto(神道) or Japanese original religion. We can find the name of this shrine in ancient myths and legends. According to the myth, every lunar October all the gods in Japan get together at this shrine. Every 60 years we’ve replaced its thatched roof, we call this restoration “Sengu(遷宮)”. Sengu is regarded as a very important sacred ritual, and in May, 2013 we hold this holy event. We launched a new IZUMO fountain pen to commemorate it. We take “Yagumo-nuri(八雲塗り)” technic to this fountain pen. That is, Craftsman drew the picture on the pen with bright colors lacquer, embroidered Maki-e and coated by transparent lacquer again and again. Making this model needs a delicate environment, so much progress of work and quite a long time. The motif of this design is the painting on the ceiling of IZUMO shrine. It expresses the sea of clouds, it is a symbol of the shrine.