Sailor Limited Edition 110th Anniversary Premium Fountain Pen

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Sailor Limited Edition 110th Anniversary Premium Fountain Pen
Sailor Limited Edition 110th Anniversary Premium Fountain Pen
  • $9,630.00

Nib: 21k Gold, Large Size, Bicolor Finish
Barrel (Front): 21k Gold, Pearskin Finish
Cap and Barrel (Rear): Stainless Steel, Electrolytic Coloring(Black)
Metal Parts: Nickel Chrome Plated Finish, Black IP Finish
Size: 20 x 163.5mm
Shaft Diameter: 17.2mm
Weight: Approx. 84.6g
Includes : Exclusive package (Chestnut with Nagurime Texture), 110th Anniversary Original Bottle Ink (Sailor Blue-Dawn), Linen Pen Sheath, Cartridge Ink, Cleaning Cloth, Product Manual, Instruction Manual, and Warranty Card


Sailor Limited Edition 110th Anniversary PREMIUM Fountain Pen

SAILOR Fountain Pen celebrates the 110th anniversary of its founding in 1911. The 110th Anniversary Fountain Pen is a limited edition commemorative fountain pen that symbolizes the future of SAILOR Fountain Pen with its individuality and strong presence.
When Sailor Pen’s founder, Kyugoro Sakata, pioneered Japanese fountain pen manufacturing in 1911, he had a vision of the perfect writing instrument, manufactured in Japan, and fitted with premium quality gold nibs.
110 years later, Sailor is the leading manufacturer of gold nib fountain pens as well as having the distinction of making the only 21-karat gold nibs in the world.
To celebrate this momentous occasion, Sailor is releasing a limited edition 110th Anniversary Commemorative Fountain Pen series.

The 21-Karat gold barrel is linked to the image of SAILOR'S original 21-Karat gold nib, which is backed by technology and strong commitment to writing quality that Sailor have cultivated over the years. The matte finish, which suppresses the luster and gives the material its genuine beauty and relaxed appearance, feels comfortable in the palm of your hand, and the well-balanced design provides excitement for a more natural writing flow.

Both the flexible and resilient 21-karat gold nib and the 21-karat gold barrel are inseparable material for fountain pens, and both promise the best writing experience as a genuine instrument, not just a luxury material.

The Sailor Premium 110th Anniversary is a limited edition, only 110 pieces will be available worldwide.

It features a special limited edition 21-karat bicolor nib engraved with Sailor's new anchor logo and “110th”. It is available in four nib widths: Fine, Medium-Fine, Medium, and Broad.

The new logo is engraved on the circumference. The logo is based on the spirit of the company’s early days, and reflects the Japanese sense of beauty through simplicity.

The clipless pen features atop cap band raised on one side to prevent accidental roll off. Engraved with “Since 1911”. A recessed finial with the new Sailor anchor logo on the cap is enclosed in a clear dome.

The pen comes with a soft, yet protective pen sheath made of high quality sustainable hemp cloth; a material that is increasingly hard to procure. The pen box solidly crafted of strong premium chestnut wood.

The box that holds the 110th anniversary model is made using woodworking techniques in Hida Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, a famous production area for woodworking products in Japan.
The material used is Japanese chestnut wood, which has been a well-known material for Japanese people since ancient times. Chestnut has been used as a building material since ancient times because of its hardness, moisture resistance, and durability.
Enjoy the beauty of the natural wood material and the craftsmanship.