Sailor Limited Edition

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Sailor Limited Edition
Sailor Limited Edition King Of Pen Shirodame Fountain Pen
  • $4,590.00

Master Urushi artist  Mr Koushu Nishihara has applied translucent Suki-Urushi to a base layer of urushi lacquer which in turn is covered by red urushi.  Over time the material will lighten and mature.
The Suki Urushi gives great depth to the finish. Mr Nishihara has signed and numbered each pen.  

The "King of Pens" oversize fountain pen by Sailor is introduced as the top of the range, developed as the symbol of Sailor’s technology, quality and writing perfection gained with experience about 100 years.
The pen is covered with a beautiful Urushi lacquer, applied by the skilled and talented Urushi master, Koushu Nishihara, and finished with a translucent suki-urushi,
resulting in a unique deep patina which will naturally lighten and mature with use over time, giving the pen even more depth.
Special attention has been given to the oversized 21K solid gold nib (the life and soul of the fountain pen), which gives top writing quality.

The third in a series of special limited editions, the Sailor King of Pen Shirodame has been produced in just 88 numbered pieces worldwide.