Sailor Special Edition ProGear

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Sailor Special Edition ProGear
Sailor Special Edition ProGear Earth Gold Trim Fountain Pen
  • $562.00SGD

After the successful launched of the Professional Sky last year, Sailor has just released a new Professional Gear Earth series in July 2016. This one-time production comes in three sizes. This page is for the Sailor ProGear Earth fountain pen size.This is an extension of the highly successful Sailor Pro Gear Sky in 2016. The predecessor Pro Gear Sky pens were clear blue demonstrator representing the sky. Now the 2016 model has a semi-translucent reddish brown colour representing Earth. This special edition in reddish brown with gold accent accentuates the beauty of the Professional Gear. Not only it has an ergonomic comfortable fit, it is also fitted with the Sailor's renowned smooth writing characteristics nib.This pen is fitted with a 21K nib. Sailor Pro Gear Earth Special Edition includes a presentation box with converter and an ink cartridge. With 105 years of history behind them, you can be sure of Sailor's reputation for quality that few pen companies can match.