Visconti Metropolitan Grey Celluloid Fountain Pen

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Visconti Metropolitan Grey Celluloid Fountain Pen
Visconti Metropolitan Grey Celluloid Fountain Pen
  • $1,579.00

Visconti Divina Metropolitan Grey Celluloid Fountain Pen. Divina is a collection of writing instruments really innovative that carries in its DNA the Italian Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci and the golden number 1.618 which is said to contain the key of knowledge. The golden section, applied for the first time to a writing instrument, is a revolutionary design able to change the design rules of the fountain pens. Distinctive elements are the pentagram, the proportion between the cap and the body but above all is notable the golden spiral that gently surrounds all the pens. The renowned celluloid Manhattan skyline pearl grey color material which was popular in the Wall Street collection is used for this model and it is accentuated with the palladium trimmed. The fountain pen is fitted with the 23 ct 950 palladium and with a large ink reservoir for long and enjoyable writing experience. Production Limited to 300 pens each model.