Aurora Limited Edition 888 Ortigia Fountain Pen

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Aurora Limited Edition 888 Ortigia Fountain Pen
Aurora Limited Edition 888 Ortigia Fountain Pen
  • $1,363.00SGD

Inspired by the sixth city of the Secret Journey to Italy, Ortigia. Ortigia is famous for being the historic part of Syracuse. In this place, the goddess Diana transformed the nymph Arethusa into a water spring to protect her from Alfeo. In this limited edition fountain pen, the colors of water and stone are evoked in the intense turquoise of the bottled ink that comes with the fountain pen. This fountain pen creates a unique writing experience to discover the fascinating secret of Ortigia.

Hand-assembled in Italy, the cap and barrel have been produced in Auroloide, Aurora's proprietary cellulose acetate material. Aurora's high capacity piston-fill system allows for the use of any bottled fountain pen ink.

The 888 Ortigia limited edition fountain pen has a white and turquoise auroloide body. It has an 18kt solid gold nib that is rhodium-treated and features a chrome clip and trim. Each Aurora 888 Limited Edition Ortigia fountain pen comes in an elegant box of black lacquered wood.