Montegrappa Limited Edition Living Harmony roller ball pen

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Montegrappa Limited Edition Living Harmony roller ball pen
Montegrappa Limited Edition Living Harmony roller ball pen
  • $3,280.00SGD

The Tribute Collection came into existence as a result of Montegrappa's desire to pay a tribute, a homage, to the contemporary world. It takes its inspiration from anniversaries and dates of particular importance and universal significance. Montegrappa is celebrating these great events and great individuals of the history and culture of our time through its high quality craftsmanship and its vocation of transforming the pen into an object by means of its skill in enhancing the smallest surfaces with miniaturised decoration of the highest merit. In particular, for the Tribute Collection Montegrappa is using a new technique of low-relief engraving, even more capable of transforming the surface of the pen into three-dimensional volumes through which the scenes and symbols depicted emerge with evocative depth and extraordinary richness of detail. Living Harmony is the first creation part of the new "Tribute collection". Montegrappa with its new "Tribute collection" offers a new winning proposal to the market: a Limited edition of high quality, precious materials, care in details at a very competitive retail price, perfect for those who intents to celebrate important anniversaries of historical or cultural events and famous personalities with luxury and innovation. Living Harmony. Montegrappa on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the foundation of the Singapore Republic pays tribute to this country and to its "Living Harmony": "a democratic society based on justice and equality so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for the nation". Since it became independent it has undergone an impressive metamorphosis; among the factors which have made this economic miracle possible and which make Singapore a model to be imitated is certainly the peaceful coexistence of so many races and so many religions. Chinese, Malays, Indians and immigrants from Europe and America enliven a multiracial society whose most significant symbol is represented by the coexistence of religious buildings which elsewhere are seldom seen in harmony together, such as the Muslim mosque, the Christian church, the Indian temple and the Chinese pagoda. This "living harmony" has inspired the pen on which the four religious buildings, in a depiction which recalls the image of a notable mural, are low-relief engraved.The Orchid. Singapore's National Flower is the Vanda Miss Joaquim, an orchid hybrid. It was first discovered in Singapore in 1893 and it became the National Flower in 1981.