Namiki Chinkin Emperor Tiger Fountain Pen

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Namiki Chinkin Emperor Tiger Fountain Pen
Namiki Chinkin Emperor Tiger Fountain Pen

The Tiger is a permanent fixture in the orient and the mysticism surrounding the regal creature has only increased over time. Befitting its majestic reputation, the Tiger is featured prowling down a hilly landscape surrounded by bamboo – an imagery commonly depicted in traditional orient artworks and closely associated with the Japanese Zen philosophy. The crouching Tiger symbolising ‘strength’, portrayed above the bamboo scenery, an embodiment of ‘fragility’, is a reflection of an old belief that characteristics of ‘courage’, ‘determination’, ‘humility’ and ‘flexibility’ are important in helping one overcome all challenges and tribulations. The gold portrait of the Tiger standing out prominently against the intensely black background, also accentuates the prowess and benevolence of the beast.


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