Parker Ingenuity Small PVD 5th Pink Gold Pen

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Parker Ingenuity Small PVD 5th Pink Gold Pen
Parker Ingenuity Small PVD 5th Pink Gold Pen
  • $335.00SGD

The Parker Ingenuity Collection has been created for exclusive use with the Parker 5TH Technology.The Parker 5TH Technology so named as it offers a genuine fifth way of writing, following decades of fine writing being led by the fountain pen, ball point, roller ball and the mechanical pencil was born out of extensive research into consumers needs. This work revealed an expectation for a single pen that combines the value of a metallic modern hood design, the superior experience of a soft writing feel and the convenience of a clean refill. Parker 5TH Technology is the worlds first writing system that answers these needs.Parker Ingenuity pens are a revolutionary mode of writing instrument that have the look of a fountain pen without the hassle. Using the new Parker 5TH Mode refill, this pen provides an extremely smooth writing experience and brand new 5TH Technology pen platform. The unique refill has several advantages including a fluid, regular ink flow, no leakage in high altitudes and adaptability to personal writing style with it.