Visconti Homo Sapiens Demo Stone Amethyst Fountain Pen

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Visconti Homo Sapiens Demo Stone Amethyst Fountain Pen
Visconti Homo Sapiens Demo Stone Amethyst Fountain Pen
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Visconti is delighted to announce the latest addition to their Homo Sapiens demonstrator collection - the Demo Stones. Vibrant transparent resins meet the iconic design of the Homo Sapiens collection; a natural encounter with light, adding transparency, depth and fluidity. Three demonstrator colors were selected by Visconti for this collection, each inspired by the beauty of the most sought-after colored gemstones.

In the “Demo Stones” edition, the semi-transparent colours reveal the soul of this exceptional writing instrument: the Power Filler Double Reservoir filling system, patented by Visconti in 1998.

Homo Sapiens Demo Stones collection is enriched by coloured stones placed on the pen cap: green agate, blue agate and carnelian stone emulate the three inspirational gem colours of the pen’s body.

Visconti's patented Double Reservoir Power Filler is a unique filling system that allows a greater ink capacity and safe usage during air flights. The vacuum power filler is made of titanium to resist ink corrosion.

Using the Visconti 'Hook Safe Lock', a revolutionary capping system so you can cap a pen without worrying about the cap accidentally unscrewing in your pocket and leaking. 

Type: Fountain Pen
Colour: Amethyst / Emerald / Mandarin Garnet / Ruby / Sapphire
Material: Acrylic resin
Nib: Au 14kt (big)
Nib colour: Palladium
Nib Tip: EF / F / M / B
Closure type: Hook safe lock
Metal fittings: Palladium / Silver