Namiki Nippon Art Toy-Daruma Otoshi Fountain Pen

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Namiki Nippon Art Toy-Daruma Otoshi Fountain Pen
Namiki Nippon Art Toy-Daruma Otoshi Fountain Pen

Namiki presents its newest Nippon Art collection featuring a delightful series of traditional Japanese Toys and Games.  The Toys and Games series includes four colorful designs: the Hagoita features the wooden paddles used to play the Hanetsuki game at New Year's to bring good luck and a cascade of elegant cherry blossoms; Kendama, the wooden cup-and-ball toy, is centered around other traditional toys such as the bamboo helicopter and spinning drum; the Daruma or Dharma Doll is a beloved symbol of good luck and a game of skill using a wooden hammer to knock rings below the Daruma figure without letting it fall. The doll is pictured with floating paper balloons. The Koma has multi-colored spinning tops rich in cultural history and bountiful designs shown with kites moving through the clouds. The Toys and Games fountain pens offer a beautiful 14K gold nib and a signature Namiki ball clip. Uses cartridges or converter.


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