Pilot Custom 74 Transparent Red Fountain Pen

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Pilot Custom 74 Transparent Red Fountain Pen
Pilot Custom 74 Transparent Red Fountain Pen

The Pilot Custom 74 is a simple yet sophisticated fountain pen. The minimalistic design with a transparent cap and barrel make it a must-have for any pen enthusiast.

The Pilot Custom 74 Transparent fountain pen is a round ended pen with transparent body with smokey clear tip and end. The transparent demonstrator body and cap nicely shows off the pen's inner workings. Each Custom 74 demonstrator fountain pen is finely crafted with a high-capacity, Pilot CON-70 push-button converter, which holds an ample ink supply while uniquely combining the characteristics of a vacuum-filling and push-button converter. The clip and trim are plated in bright rhodium. The Pilot Custom 74 features a solid gold 14k rhodium-plated nib. It is a size #5 nib which is the same nib size as the Pilot Custom Heritage 91. Available in 3 nib sizes: fine, medium, and broad


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