Platinum Classic Ink Lavender Black

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Platinum Classic Ink Lavender Black
Platinum Classic Ink Lavender Black
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latinum Pen has launched a new “CLASSIC INK” that enhances the joy of using fountain pens. While being a new product, it is called “CLASSIC" for its production method. And It is finally here in Singapore!! During the Nara and Asuka periods, ink was used to paint one’s eyebrows or to blacken the teeth, which the same principle was later applied to a blue black ink for fountain pens. Fountain pen inks that are produced using traditional methods have many times been replaced with an ink that is made by dye inks due to their time-consuming production techniques. Meanwhile, Platinum Pen is currently the only company in Japan that manufactures blue black ink in a classic way. The blue black ink was developed for the permanent preservation of documents; the ink component darkens as years go by, leaving the black color to stay while making it water resistant. As a result, the color changes in time, adding a difference in shade to the handwriting and creates rich deep writing. This is one of the reasons the ink has been loved by many fans over the years. Focusing on this feature, CLASSIC INK was newly developed into an ink that one can enjoy the process of changes in color while sticking with the traditional production methods. he six new colors offer differences in tone of shading, thus enabling users to enjoy the changes in the color of each ink, which is also a unique feature that you can tell how much time has passed 


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