Pilot Falcon Red Metal Fountain Pen

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Pilot Falcon Red Metal Fountain Pen
Pilot Falcon Red Metal Fountain Pen

The Falcon’s most outstanding characteristic is the shape of the nib. From halfway along, the nib gently slopes upward; just like rising up a step.. . Designed by the Namiki engineers who collaborated with Japan’s most respected pen dealers to achieve a nib they eventually endorsed for its demonstrable flexibility. It was originally sold in Japan under the name ‘Pilot ELABO’.  ELABO is definitely a unique name. The meaning, however, apparently combines the Japanese word ‘erabou’meaning choose, as in: ‘choose this fountain pen,’and the English word,‘elaborate’.It is no longer sold in Japan, but overseas. Available only in fountain pen in  ‘soft fine’, soft medium and soft broad 14k gold nib.  


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