Platinum Higo-Zo-Gan Ginkgo Fountain Pen

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Platinum Higo-Zo-Gan Ginkgo Fountain Pen
Platinum Higo-Zo-Gan Ginkgo Fountain Pen
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Platinum pen was very excited that their fountain pen of Higo-Zogan was chosen as one of the gifts for the world leaders of G7 summit which is held in Ise-Shima Japan. A matt black body with 14Kt gold (Higo-Zo-gan) inlay onto the 3776 model fountain pen. It represents the old aspects of Japan’s history. That’s why it is very special. Veteran tsuba designer Mr. Kousuke has exclusively made this pen’s gold cut for Platinum. Mr. Kousuke’s family is highly valued as a top class Higo-Zo-Gan artist among only a few still alive in Japan. “Higo-zo-gan” with solid and elegant taste is a real gem that gathers black beauty of the base iron originated from natural rust, gorgeous pure gold ornaments and skilled craftsmanship.  Literally, Zogan can be compared with Inlaying. Higo-Zogan, a form of Damascene, a metal inlaid manufacturing process, is a traditional Japanese Handcraft with a 400 year history and is exclusive to the Kumamoto region. Originally developed from the collaboration between Gunsmiths and Goldsmith, Higo-Zogan became an art form unto itself. These revered Craftsmen originally developed ornaments for battlefield weapons such as protective handles for swords. For the Higo-Zogan, the Edo-period (1600-1867) marked a golden-age. As the political climate in Japan changed, so did the products produced by the HigoZogan craftsmen. The end of the Edo-period and the introduction of the Meiji Restoration (1868-1912) brought about considerable change for all Japanese. This technique came to Japan from the Middle East through the Silk Road during the 14th century. Then with the passage of time, Japanese craftsmen gave it the highest perfection and changed it to current form at the beginning of the 16th century. Among Zo-gan art, Higo-zo-gan has the longest and most colorful history over 400 years. Higo-zo-gan has been successful for generations and it has produced many famous masters and masterpieces.  The nib is made in-house at Platinum and all are hand-tested at the factory. This nib and feed is the same as that used in the legendary Nakaya fountain pens.