Platinum Limited Edition 3776 Century Nice Lilas Fountain Pen

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Platinum Limited Edition 3776 Century Nice Lilas Fountain Pen
Platinum Limited Edition 3776 Century Nice Lilas Fountain Pen
  • $400.00SGD

After much waiting, the pen is finally here in Singapore. This is a new color “LILAS” featuring the image of a flower for NICE series, which has been well received since its launch. Nice is a world-renowned resort and tourist city located in Côte d’Azur, in southern France. Blessed with a mild climate, beautiful ocean and mountains, the city is also known as the “Bay of Angels,” and has attracted many aristocrats and artists. The attraction of the pouring radiant sunlight, which represents the city of Nice, is expressed through the pen’s body. On a resin body, which is excellent in transparency, Platinum has applied a sandblasted finish while cutting grooves at precise angles with shaper cutting to express a contrast between a subdued light and the shimmering water. As the name LILAS (meaning lilac in French) implies, Platinum has used a pink gold metal trim with a pale pink body to match the image of the flower. The lilac flower symbolizes friendship, memories of adolescence, innocence and first love, while also symbolizing pride and beauty in the West. The elegant and glamorous style of the LILAS model matches the meaning of the flower and makes a perfect gift for your loved ones. It comes with a blotter card with a serial number for the first limited 2,000 pens. Fitted with a 14K gold nib and it comes in F(fine), M(medium), B(broad) nib. We hope you enjoy using the pen in various scenes and see its change of reflections as the color and intensity of light entering through the body. It features the “Slip & Seal Mechanism” that prevents ink from drying out in the pen with a complete airtightness.