Sailor Limited Edition 1911 Realo Hana Maki-e Tsubaki Fountain Pen (Piston Filled Mechanism)

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Sailor Limited Edition 1911 Realo Hana Maki-e Tsubaki Fountain Pen (Piston Filled Mechanism)
Sailor Limited Edition 1911 Realo Hana Maki-e Tsubaki Fountain Pen (Piston Filled Mechanism)
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Tsubaki – Camellia. In Japan where the Camellia has a long horticultural history and the language of flowers is older than in the West, Camellias are known for their many hybrid varieties and are said to represent business success, virtue, happiness, and a successful retirement. Camellias were mentioned in the ancient ‘Manyoshu Tanka’ collection ( the oldest Japanese poetry ). The sacred Camellia tree, because of it’s rich evergreen foliage and sensuous flowers which bloom in early spring, has retained it’s popularity throughout Japanese history for production of cosmetics, cooking and fuel oils. It is also a major flower (the Tea plant) used in the Tea Ceremony adding beautiful color and form whilst not interfering with the aroma and flavor of the tea itself.  Sailor Pen is proud to introduce them as a collection of very special Fountain Pens designed and hand decorated using the traditional Japanese art of Kaga Maki-e by the artist and craftsman Mr. Kousen Oshita in Japan.The collection has been specially commissioned by Sailor to commemorate the close collaboration between Sailor and Singapore. The beautiful Sakura, Ume, Kiku & Tsubaki are designed and hand painted by Master Kousen Oshita in Japan using the traditional Japanese art of Kaga Maki-e. The newly developed Realo piston filled mechanism fountain pens are fitted with 21K solid gold nib. This new development is the symbol of Sailor’s technology, quality and writing perfection gained with experience of almost 100 years. Each is individually numbered and limited to 28 pieces worldwide. Kaga Maki-e Artist - Kousen Oshita In the Meiji period of Japan, a Kaga Maki-e Artist Sekkou Oshita produced many great Kaga Maki-e works of art. his technique of Maki-e art was passed down to many generations of the Oshita family artists, and now to Kousen Oshita, the Fouth Generations.His clean yet delicate Maki-e style is ideal for Maki-e art on Tea Ceremonial tools and of course also fountain pens. Mr Oshita who resides in the Kaga region of Japan started to work with Maki-e designs on Sailor's fountain pens back in 1983. Many of his special works are exhibited in japan Traditional Craft Art and Design shows and several other private exhibitions.He is Certified Traditional Craft Artist by the Minister of International Tarde and Industry. He is Trustee of the Kaga Art Association.He is a member of Japan Crafts Councils-Ishikawa Branch. He is Organizer of the Tea Ceremony Association of Ishikawa Prefecture.