Sailor Special Edition Professional Gear

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Sailor Special Edition Professional Gear
Sailor Special Edition Professional Gear Kanreki Fountain Pen
  • $742.00SGD


Length                      128mm
Diameter                   13mm
Length w/out cap      116mm         
Cap posted on barrel    149mm         


Sailor KANREKI is a limited production to commemorate Sailor’s nib designer Mr. Kagwaguchi Akihiro’s 60th birthday. He was the original designer of the popular Professional Gear model  KAN is designed with 3 rare kind RED color differs in body, cap and cap top. . The three tiers of red colors begin with Dark Red Wine color at the cap top. The pen’s cap and the bottom part of the pen is darker than the body’s red color. The colors combination is unique and well matches as the complete pen. 'SAILOR FOUNDED 1911 - KAN-' is clearly engraved on the ring of the cap. Kawaguchi Akihiro-san and Nagahara-san , has been conducting pen clinics across cities in Japan as well as throughout the world. Kawaguchi Akihiro-san and Nagahara Nobuyoushi-san are the top two respected great legendary pen masters in Sailor. Thus Sailor has launched Kawaguchi KANREKI in 200