Visconti Limited Edition Opera Master Savanna Fountain Pen

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Visconti Limited Edition Opera Master Savanna Fountain Pen
Visconti Limited Edition Opera Master Savanna Fountain Pen
  • $1,723.00SGD

This pen is made in semi-transparent yellow, brown and white acrylic resins that blend together to recreate the colours of the savannah’s immense natural reserves.
Equipped with a double reservoir and bayonet closure system, the Opera Master Savanna fountain pen is embellished with an 18kt gold nib produced in-house.
The Opera Master Savanna is fitted with Giotto, the 18 kt gold nib produced in house by Visconti and then finished in palladium.
The iconic Visconti clip, inspired by the Ponte Vecchio, is finished in palladium and then highlighted with a bright yellow enamel that echoes the shades of the pen.

The Opera Master Savanna transports the pen collector to the fascinating landscapes of the African savanna, where lions, zebras, and elephants roam in the wild.
The predominantly yellow shades of the dry season shift into thousands of brown hues typical of the rainy season.
These two seasons come together in harmony and are united not only in the heart of Africa.

Double Reservoir Power Filler, A vacuum filling system that is easy to use and has considerable benefits.
The user is able to fill the pen with the equivalent of 10 cartridges of ink, and thanks to the two reservoirs, prevents leaks during flight.

This Opera Master Savanna is limited to only 888 total fountain pens, each individually numbered.